We are a specialist broker and work exclusively with the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) to offer only their members a specialist physical gun insurance.

What is physical gun insurance?
If you suffer accidental damage to your gun e.g. drop the gun and break the stock, suffer a barrel blow out or have your gun or insured accessories stolen. Annual Premiums start from £35.00.

Why do I need to buy physical gun insurance?
You do not need to buy this cover but please remember that standard Household Insurance may contain significant restrictions in cover and use (some even exclude guns from their policy cover). This is important, when items are taken out of the home. More specifically most standard policies will not cover your guns whilst actually in use. In addition, there may be limits relating to valuables.

Shooting Accessories
In addition to your guns our policy automatically includes cover upto £750 for accessories and you can have options to increase the value at quote stage.
Accessories include Equipment specified below which is designed to be used during Outdoor Pursuits

  • Bags and cases
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Safety equipment

(excluding Walkie Talkies)

  • Shooting sticks
  • Stools and seats
  • Tent and hides.

Policy cover
The policy provides specialist cover for all your sporting guns (shotguns, rifles and airguns), sights, night vision etc and general accessories (gun slips etc.) anywhere in the UK

  • Worldwide cover can be purchased as an extension for a holiday or an an annual basis if you are representing the UK or are involved in the European or World Championships.
  • Cover options for UK (Standard) or Premises only – these can be selected on a per gun basis allowing you to tailor your cover to your requirements.
  • Cover for theft from unattended vehicle is included – subject to Home Office guidelines. A link is provided for your reference https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/firearms-handbook-2005
  • Repair or replacement in the event of a loss at your selected registered firearms dealer.
  • A £0 excess on guns and an excess of £30 for accessories.

Important Cover options
To explain, most insurance these days is on a new for old basis. You will be familiar with this cover under most home policies. In simple terms, the sum insured you select will reflect the new cost of items. When insured under a home policy you often select a high limit for all your items and if the single item is below an agreed figure there is little attention given to individual item being damaged. But when you buy a specific policy with a few items, the need to select the correct sum insured is very important.

When asked for the value of the gun the figure provided is often the second-hand value or the value you paid for the gun. This may not be correct as the figure required by insurers  will depend on the basis of cover e.g. new for old cover will normally require the new value of the gun or its updated model (if you used the second hand value you could be under insured and pay an element of the claim in the event of a claim – known as average.)

The issue could be more complex for some clients with guns of varying ages. Here a new for old solution will not always be applicable.

Newmoon’s policy allows you to select on a gun by gun basis the level of cover you require from: –

(1) New for old (applies to all guns 5 years or less in age and is an option for guns over 5 years)
(2) Indemnity cover (second hand value – an excess applies depending on the age of the gun
(3) Agreed value – can apply to guns over 5 years of age and cover has a £0 policy excess (unlike Indemnity cover) but requires a written valuation or receipt within the last 5 years
(4) Premises only cover (can be applied to any gun with a £0 policy excess).

Need liability insurance
We strongly recommend that before you go shooting you ensure you have liability insurance. If you were deemed responsible for injuring a third-party person or property, the financial costs are potentially extreme.   We recommend that you get liability cover via CPSA or BASC which is included with their membership. There are other parties offering cover which can be purchased on a day rate if you are not a regular shooter. When you join CPSA or BASC you get a membership card which is effectively proof of cover and is recognised by ranges, shoots etc.

Want to join an association
Firstly, we believe you are taking a positive step to help the sport and support the relevant Associations which in return will look to support and help you and fellow shooters. In deciding which Association to join please consider the type of shooting you want to do. For example, if you want to compete in CPSA competitions you will need to be a member of the CPSA. If you are going to shoot on open rough ground/ game shooting, then consider BASC. These two Associations represent over 170,000 members combined and membership benefits include helping you in a number of ways, including general advice, legal expenses, £10m public liability insurance, and supporting you on various shooting relating issues e.g. gun licence. To get these benefits you must be a member. You can view details of these Associations here: