Specialist Gun Insurance

Exclusively for members of BASC and CPSA

Newmoon Gun Insurance has been developed to compliment the liability insurance that is included in for members of BASC and CPSA.

We provide cover for accidental damage, loss or theft of the guns themselves, to get a quote click on the 'Get a Quote' button or call us on 01892 280323.

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Firstly, we believe you are taking a positive step to help the sport and support the relevant Associations which in return will look to support and help you and fellow shooters. In deciding which Association to join please consider the type of shooting you want to do. For example, if you want to compete in CPSA competitions you will need to be a member of the CPSA. If you are going to shoot game then consider BASC.

These two Associations represent over 170,000 members combined and membership benefits include helping you in a number of ways, including general advice, legal expenses and public liability insurance.

Specialist insurance

Taking out specialist insurance is an important decision to make. Whilst price is important policy cover is equally as important. We believe there is no point in quoting a low premium and restricting cover. Our cover is accidental damage with a £0 excess on your guns (£30 on accessories). Cover is UK but can be extended by any policy holder to worldwide on a short term/ holiday basis or an annual basis if you are competing in the UK, European or World championship. The policy will cover you whilst you are shooting and if left unattended in a vehicle, subject to Home Office guidelines.

We only insure members of the BASC or CPSA.

The key point to remember is that many home policies require new for old cover and values, often do not cover guns out of the home and many even exclude the gun whilst undergoing a process (being fired) which would exclude barrel blowout. Our policy options give you options based on cover of new for old, second hand value (if gun over 5 years old) or an agreed value. Please refer to our insurance page for full details.

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